Edgehog - DMM

Designed for use in rope access. The Edgehog fits through deck grating (commonly known as Kennedy Grating) which is found in many industrial situations such as oil rigs, chemical plants and refineries. The Edgehog greatly improves rope protection against sharp edges when ropes are fed through gratings. By securely bolting to the grating it enables the rope to be rigged from above to allow rope access work to be safely performed below deck.

- Rope slots with rounded, rope friendly radii

- Fixation bolts with adjustments for different grating sizes (17mm spanner required)

Ropepro K-Pro 800

The K-Pro 800 model is a kevlar lined, canvas rope protector, featuring a velcro closure and large eyes equipped with securing cord at top and bottom. The kevlar lining provides extra durability over the standard canvas version.