45L Rope Bag - DMM

Large and strong, the DMM Transit rope bags will take 45 litres. The DMM rope bags are the perfect companions for your ropes in the workplace, giving ease of storage and carrying ability whilst keeping ropes clean and safe on site.


The RED is a simple, yet highly effective back-up device.

The RED's non-aggressive Cams have a positively locking spring, which means that the device is self-parking (rather than self-tailing, like many Ropegrabs).  This self-parking function is important for Rope Access work techniques as they stipulate that the back-up device should be positioned so as to reduce fall factors to a minimum.

Goblin - Camp

Designed for use on semi-static ropes from 10 to 11mm in diameter. It has been tested as both a fall arrester and an ascender and does not require an energy absorbing lanyard.

Features a 'switch' which makes the device one directional (i.e. stops it drifting down the rope).

The Camp safety Goblin is tested and proved for rescue use with two people to a maximum weight of 250kg